SkullyApp is a Unique Board Game created to promote fun and excitement for
everyone who plays the game. The game uses a combination of strategies to
promote excitement weather you are a kid or an adult, it is very easy to
understand. Choices are presented to each player that affect the player’s
movement along the game board. There are traps and rewards throughout the
game of SkullyApp where competition between the players can get quite
interesting and exciting.

Luck and choice drives the game to the end and a winner is REWARDED and
CROWNED. There is always a leveled playing field and no player has an
advantage over other players, everyone fall victim to their own decisions
accordingly. SkullyApp has no social barriers and can be enjoyed by kids
ages five through adult. Kids and adults will be able to understand logical
deduction and inevitability of choice.

SkullyApp promotes decision making that is unpredictable where
circumstances change quickly and strategy is elusive. Players can be
Rewarded, Forfeit their money, Buy opportunity and get Locked-Up. Revenge
is a motivation that pushes the game to the very end.

SkullyApp will draw you into a world of wonder and plays differently every
time you play the game. You will have endless fun with family and friends
or you can play against the computer for your personal enjoyment. SkullyApp
can be played by up to four (4) players individually or in teams of two

SkullyApp is interactive and can be played on all cell phones and computer
platforms individually or collectively against each other. SkullyApp can be
played globally and is presented in five different languages, English,
Hindi, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian and Portuguese. Additional languages
will be incorporated where all SkullyApp upgrades will be available to
everyone who owns the App for free.

Welcome to the World of SkullyApp!