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What are the best eCommerce hosting


Ecommerce is a business that has more than 2 billion buyers in the world. But many people do not even know what is eCommerce, its types, and its benefits. But if you are a business holder and you want your social media agency Dubai to find global customers for your business then eCommerce with the help of different marketing channels can do your work for you. 

In this article, we will guide you about what is eCommerce? What are the types of eCommerce hosting and what are its benefits? So that you may get to know a little about it and you may choose it for the promotion of your business. So let’s start by the definition of eCommerce hosting.


Ecommerce hosting

Ecommerce hosting is the effort to provide the users a better user experience, more personal security, a good user interface, and much more. The main purpose of eCommerce hosting is to get more traffic for your business by attracting more and more people towards your purpose. A Digital Marketing Agency Dubai also offers the services of eCommerce hosting so that you may get the best place to compel the customers globally.


Types of eCommerce hosting

There are 4 main types of eCommerce hosting. All of these 4 are mentioned below. 

Dedicated hosting

This is considered one of the best solutions for eCommerce hosting. Dedicated hosting allows users to get complete access to the server without casting any kind of effect on other users.


Shared hosting

If you are just a startup and promoting your business through Google Ads management then shared hosting could be the right choice for you. Because it offers good packages at suitable rates.


Virtual private server

It is a kind of virtual machine that is sold as a server by internet hosting services. It is isolated with eliminating the problems that are associated with the shared hosting.


Cloud hosting

This hosting has solved the issue of data saving and enabled the users to store data on different servers easily. From cloud hosting, it is easier to add or remove resources at any time.

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